5 Best Ways To Plan A Living Room

5 Best Ways To Plan A Living Room

Whether you are building a new house or just renovating, the living room is the part that should attract attention. Organizing and reorganizing furniture that is already owned is not enough.

Designing the appearance of the living room is very good if it is done with a mature plan in mind. In other words, the design of the living room requires planning.

The design and decoration of the living room not only determine the location of chairs, sofas or coffee tables but also require careful planning. In interior design, even the simplest planning can be very complicated. Interior design is science, and science requires adequate data and analysis. Before moving on to more practical issues in the design and decoration of the living room, it is worth considering some planning tips on the best and most appropriate design for the living room and family room area of the following professional designers:

1) Interior style and perfect layout

The first thing to do is analysis, we must know how we spend time in the living room. Edward Gibson, an interior designer, suggested writing all the things we can plan to do there.

“This will help you prioritize when you reach the furniture or furniture planning stage,” said Leland, quoted by Houzz.

Think about the flow of traffic and conversation. How do we enter the room, move between chairs or even stop at the corner of the sofa?

“You don’t want to feel trapped or as if you were wandering around the room to get in or out,” said Lucy Penfield of Lucy Interiors Design.


“don’t find the back of the sofa near the entrance,” said designer Andrea. “It must be organized so that people can easily enter and leave the room.”

Work with professional interior design services so you can determine, plan and create the living room of your dreams.

2) Layout: Organize and Reorganize

Organizing and reorganizing is key. Everyone certainly has individual preferences when it comes to organizing furniture. Some people even like to take the time and plan every detail.

It’s much easier to rearrange on paper than physically move furniture,

Meanwhile, according to Delmer, there are different routes for those who prefer to be spontaneous. Move all things that are easy to transport first, just to get a new look of the room. Then turn on everything, even remove the carpet to see how the room looks without it. Once again, ask for professional designers to determine which one is best for you and your family.

3) Furniture

All interior designers always emphasize the importance of the size of furniture in the living room.
“Furniture of the right scale can make or break a room,” said Alice Gossett. “Having too much space or too little space can really throw away the appearance of space.”

How to plan the design of a living room

Just because the size and scale of the furniture that looks good in the store do not mean that it will always feel good in our living room. A room with a larger size requires furniture that is also large, while a smaller room requires a smaller scale.

But above all, make sure that what we choose and use can provide comfort or not. Choose furniture that suits your tastes and needs.

4) TV / Multimedia Options

Dealing with television is always a debate. Is it necessary to add a TV to the living room or family room?

Many of us, television is one of the “essential” equipment in the family room. Then, the presence or absence depends on the owner of the house. Fortunately, today flat-screen TVs can reduce design dilemmas.

Remember one thing, comfort when placing TV options. Be sure not to put it carelessly and overload the space. In some situations, television can also be a type of decorative element that adds to the awesome beauty level of space.

5) Some Things to Remember & Pay Attention

If you choose to place the furniture in a corner area, know that it will take up a lot of extra space. Try symmetric balance; this works very well for the family room or living room. Keep the distance between the living room chair or sofa with a coffee table of approximately 15 to 18 inches. Make sure you have a distance of approximately 48 inches on foot in the main lane.