luggage storage in Barcelona

Do Barcelona Train Stations Have Lockers for Luggage?

The train and bus stations in Barcelona have left luggage lockers. Follow the “consigna,” “consigna de maletas,” or “consigna de equipaje” signs to the designated areas most of the time. Following the “consigna” signage after entering the main terminal building. You can store your baggage in left luggage Barcelona train station’s basement, close to the parking lot. The left luggage storage facility is offered from 5:30 until 23:30 every day of the year. Although it is convenient, renting a locker at Barcelona Sants train station can be fairly pricey. The normal charge for the first five hours is €6 per bag. Following that, you must pay €1 each hour.

Any size and any shape of luggage is stored here.

Any of our retail locations will accommodate users who have luggage of any size or form. It makes no difference if it is backpacks, camera equipment, or ski equipment. To put it another way, you can safely store your bags, suitcases, luggage deposit, or whatever else our grateful clients may refer to them as. Regardless of what they store, customers have the option of being billed either by the hour or at our daily fee.

luggage storage in Barcelona

Why reserve Barcelona luggage storage?

  • Simplicity: We are the only service that provides hourly and daily alternatives, allowing you to select the one that best suits your plans for the lowest cost.
  • Versatility: Our luggage storage options are as flexible as they come, ranging from overnight storage to just a few hours! Even some of our stores don’t require reservations. To see which stores, click here.
  • Profitability: The best value for your money can be found at our luggage storage facilities.
  • Believe: Reviews for our service are the best and most numerous available.
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